punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Today's Question - Etiquette under stomach pressure

I am just curious how ya'll might handle this. Suppose you are at a friend's house, and you are there for dinner. The host serves you a dish that is absolutely disgusting. It reeks in a non-food manner, it's full of things you don't like, has bad combinations of food (like, say, raisins and onions in a mint cheese sauce), and plain looks unappetizing. If you were a little kid, you'd go, "BLECCHH!!" But you're an adult now, and don't want to hurt the host's feelings. Do you eat it anyway? What if it's revolting? Assume it's a vegetarian dish so you can't claim it's not Kosher/vegetarian.

Luckily, this hasn't happened since I was a kid. I was about 11, and at a friend's house for lunch. The mother served us gray macaroni and cheese. Yes, gray, as in wallpaper paste gray. Back in the 70s, some moms put tuna in their macaroni and cheese (as a quick casserole), so I asked, "Did you put tuna in this?" She said, "No, I made it right from the box," and pulled the box from the trash. I felt I had to eat it, because her son was just gobbling it up. Oddly enough, it had no odor or taste at all. I don't recall getting sick, either. It was like that scene in "A Wrinkle in Time" when people were eating sand-like food, but those hypnotized by the Brain thought it was real food.
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