punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Goodby Nigerian Fraud, hello SEC Fraud!

I would just like to comment that as soon as I started to complain about all that Nigerian scam e-mail, they mysteriously have been replaced with a plethora of fraudulent stock-pumping schemes.

"StOck Watch A|ert" this morning are Fezziwhig Petroleum (FZWHG), Jacob Marley Coal Manufacturing, Inc. (Pink Sheets: JMCM), Southern Croatian Asphalt Manufacturing (SCAM), and London Oil Securities and Energy Resources of Zimbabwe (LOSERZ).

Wysak Petroleum (FZWHG)
Current Price: 0.24

Fezziwhig Petro|eum announces the signing of a Letter of Intent with the Baltic Energies of the Western Atlantic Recycling Empire (BE-WARE) to assist Fezziwhig Petro|eum in the development of the Maldivian Oil and Nulcear Energy of Yemen Property Initiaives Thinktanks (MONEYPITT). Estimated st0ck valu3 will be $2.04/shar3 by the fiscal year end of 2006.

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