punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Things there should be a name for

I have always thought my vocabulary was rather diverse, probably from reading to many bad science fiction novels. When I used to manage a book store, an author/comedian named Rich Hall came up with a series of books called "Sniglets" which I liked, in part because he tried to fill the gap between common moments we all have an a name for that kind of moment. I still use some of them, like "onosecond," the measure of time from where you slam your car door and the moment right afterwards when you realize your keys are still in there. Recently, with the inclusion of dogs in my life, I have used "pupkus," the moist residue left on a window after a dog presses its nose to it.

But there are no words for the following phenomena, and I ask my readers to give me some ideas for names.

[??????] - When you want to show someone your favorite show, because you know they'll like it, and the episode that shows is an experimental "non-standard" episode. For instance, you want to show someone "Star Trek," and it's some episode where they all dress like gangsters because they're on the holodeck or whatever. And your friend goes, "So this is a show about gangsters?"

[??????] - When you have seen some comedy gag bit in the same movie trailer so many times, when it finally plays in the actual film, it seems stupid and contrived.

[??????] - When you download so many programs on your computer "to try out later," you end up with a directory full of install applications, setup executables, and zip files and you're not sure what they all do anymore.
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