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Tech - Nerdy weekend plans

This weekend, I am going to upgrade Pippi, my master Linux server. Currently, she's running Fedora Core 1 with 2 hard drives: a 20gb and an 80gb. I am going to completely redo her with Fedora Core 3 as a new OS and 160gb software RAID5 array (I got a deal on 2 x WD 80gb drives and an IDE controller). This should be enough for all my backup needs (minus offsite storage), and clear the mess I kind of made of the server over the years; it used to be Redhat 8.0, but I have totally messed up the RPM dependencies with Red Carpet, YUM, and just plain compiled packages. I am also replacing her IDE cables with rounded ones, and using a free fan controller panel I acquired (my wife's work had this huge equipment order last year and they got it by mistake, but the company said to keep it, so she gave it to me).

Some may wonder why I don't go with Slackware or Gentoo. I think laziness, really, because the fine folks at Red Hat have given us a bunch of scripts and standards that really make things ... [Punkie goes on for a while here, because Red Hat brainwashed him] ... until the name "Maudling" is almost totally obscured.

Meanwhile, Christine is going to finish her office. She got a new desk, and while we tried to give CR her old one, it was a giant piece of particle board crap, and it broke apart. So now it's garbage. She also got a new LCD monitor (again, a good deal).
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