punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

How green is my lawn?

Every year, it gets more difficult to tend to my property.

Mowing the lawn, as I mentioned once before, is this weird game of schedules. Part of the problem is finding a "window" to mow the lawn in. Today was a perfect window, because I got off early at work, and even though I had to skip an invitation to go swimming with some friends, I am glad I got it done, because the lawn looked pretty shaggy (which is good, that means it's growing). But normally, I have to "jump at the chance" to mow the lawn. The two biggest factors is I cannot mow the unless the ground is dry, which means at least 2 days after heavy rains, 1 day after light rains (depending on humidity afterwards). I also cannot mow the lawn Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or any other day I have to stay late at work. The lawn goes from nice to shaggy in about a week and a half (let's say 11 days). So sometimes, it takes weeks to find a window, and my lawn looks like crap half the summer. Here's an example of what usually happens.

Day 1 - Lawn needs mowed. But I have a Sunday con-related meeting.
Day 2 - It heavily rained Monday morning
Day 4 - It's been 2 days since rain, but now it's a Wednesday
Day 5 - Light rain, had to work late anyway
Day 7 - Was invited to party at friend's house I really should attend because it's been a while.
Day 8 - Light rain all day
Day 10 - It's nice out, but it's a Tuesday
Day 12 - Had to work late, heavy rain for two days
Day 15 - Got sick, was in bed
Day 16 - Still slightly sick, but lawn is so shaggy, I mow anyway because it's supposed to rain all next weekend, starting Thursday.


I really, really need to do garden work, but my asthma has gotten worse and worse. In fact, ever since they downed all those trees in our area to make way for new construction, the pollen has been considerably worse for the last few years. Today I mowed the lawn, and nearly choked to death with my own clogged lungs. I had the worst asthma attack I have had in years... and I even planned for it! I take inhalers, allergy meds, and nose sprays... but they only go so far. I breathe a LOT easier indoors.

My mower sucks, too.

The kids around here charge too much for a lawn job ($40/week) and are notoriously undependable. I hired two kids a few years ago, and both of them flaked. I called one of them up, got his mom, and her excuse was, "well, he's tired, you know..." Hiring a professional company (like Chemlawn, Scotts) is only slightly more a month, and they fertilize and everything. I can't afford them, either. Not that they do a good job; I have seen neighbors who use them, and it's apparent the companies hire the cheapest minimum wage people they can find, and they do a half-assed job. I can't have CR do it, his asthma is twice as bad as mine.

I am considering hiring a friend of mine's children who do NOT have allergies. I don't know how I am going to arrange that, though.

Maybe God's saying I don't deserve a nice house :(
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