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Link - Literal Thinking

I have had this friend since 4th grade, Neal. He is the only friend I have who really knows the hell I lived through as a kid, since we sent cassette tape letters back and forth for over 8 years when he moved to Texas (why do I keep having friends in Texas?). I'd say he's the oldest friend that I have, but that would not be literally correct, because my oldest was a man named Pepper Langley (founder of the Chesapeake Bay Museum), who died at age 78 a few years ago. I mention this because Neal is my main provider of all thinks linguistically technical. So, in literal terms, Neal is the friend I have had for the longest span of my life. His blog explores the literal direction of language, and how he's studying his two sons growing up and learning language. He's fucking brilliant, and pretty witty, too. If you ever wanted to see a technical look at how and why we say things the way we do, give his blog a spin.


You'll never look at language the same way again.
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