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The last few days

Hey, those who are on my friends list got quite a ride recently. Time to tell everyone else.

Big news: I got a new job. I am leaving the Big Megaconglomorate Company to work for a much smaller company. This is a good company; it's smaller, so less bureaucratic horse hockey, which is even better. There's also a lot of other benefits, like they pay for my Internet, free sodas in the break room, free pizza fridays, and so on. Very nice. I start there May 9th.

Other news:
I got a new suit. I look good in it. I hadn't been fitted for a suit since I was 19. I got it for the new job interview, yes, but I also needed a nice suit for stuff like weddings, funerals, and other formal events. Thursday, when I got the acceptance letter, I was taken out to a celebratory dinner by fuzzywhuze and anyarm, takayla and CR, and our long-time friend Gay. Friday night I saw "Kung Fu Hustle," which was a great movie. Today, I spent all day with MSD, playing a Chivalry and Sorcrey adventure, and just hanging out with aylinn,tth, tynieallen, Rose, rigel_de_monat, gypsy_sylvin, and some new guy whose name I have just forgotten.

I'm also really happy with new refreshed Linux box. It's snappy, and I got the 3D to finally work on my NVidia GForce 5200 card. Maybe I can actually play UT2004 on it.
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