punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tech - Job Quirks

Okay, one of our analysts is out this week. This means I have to do her reports, which is not a problem; it's part of my job description. I have been doing these reports for over 4 years, and not much has changed in them. One set of reports, though, is sent to a very fussy individual in some high muckety-muck group. For example, it took us 2 years to persuade him to allow us to change to a fix-width font to align columns in e-mail. Before, he wanted in Arial, and then we had to add or delete spaces to make the kerning work out with columns. But one quirk we still have to deal with is the term "Grand Total." We have these Excel spreadsheets automatically generated with pivot tables, and they all default to the term "Grand Total" at the bottom. Well, this guy doesn't LIKE the word "Grand Total," he wants the name to just be "Total" because he thinks "Grand" is stupid.

So we had to hand edit the e-mail to remove the word "Grand" from all the totals. I generated a script to do this, but this is a very silly thing that wastes my time.

What silly-ass stuff do you do at work because some fussbudget has a picky and pointless preference?
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