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Balticon - Submitted Programming

Man... I am behind for Balticon.

It’s 3:15, and I just sent in my program ideas. It’s late next month. I am hoping the head of programming is as behind as I think he is [I keed, I keed!]. I hope I remember to make room reservations.

Here’s a funny note I’ll pass along. Apparently, Dick Dyzel, aka “Count Gore De Val” (and some may remember him as “Captain 20” in the 70s), is looking for a roommate at Balticon. I don’t have room (I’ll have CR and Christine), but if I was going alone, I’d be tempted. Just to get behind the scenes stuff of Channel 20 in the 70s and 80s.

I still plan to ask him. I hope I get put on a panel with him. Hey... me, Dick, and the guy who plays Carpathian doing a panel on “Creepy Ass Alternate Personalities!” Hee!

That was a JOKE, Mr. Wright!

Yes, I will be going to Balticon this year. Christine is running night ops again, which is always fun.
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