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Cough Gag Wheeze Choke... no, I'm fine, really...

I have had this awful cough for several weeks now. They tell me it’s allergies, and because I have’t had a fever, achiness, or even a stuffy nose to match, I am inclined to believe them. Something about Oak Tree pollen being really high this year.

I have never had a cough like this in my life that has lasted so long. First, it’s deep. A huge lake of mucous builds up deep in my lungs. Then something tickles the back of my throat, and I go into coughing, gagging fits. This forces huge amounts of mucous into the top of my throat, and then I gag and choke like I am drowning. The “plate” (it’s probably not really a plate) at the back of my throat that prevents water from entering in when I swallow closes off my airwaves. I then go into spasms of coughing, choking, and acting like I am drowning. The blood pressure in my head swells so high so quickly, I see stars and I actually get dizzy and faint. Finally, something releases, I break the gagging cycle, and either spit out a mouthful of clear foamy mucous, or I can swallow it. My bronchial tubes are dilated, and I gasp like a fish for a few seconds before they relax and more air can get in. I then belch several times from my throat, like those ersatz burps you did in high school when you swallowed air to make a fake belch. Then my chest is clear for several hours. Then, slowly, the wheezing from deep in my lungs restarts, and later on, the cycle starts again.

This happens only a few times a day, and sounds horrible, I am sure. I couldn’t handle more than that. It’s happening less as time goes on, but it’s scary. Last time I felt like this was when I got dunked in the pool and took in a lungful of water.

I am at home today because CR has a massive sinus infection. I worry that I will "re-catch" it because I am vulnerable, and get sick for my new job. This would so suck.
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