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There are drunk people on my floor

And I am okay with that! Actually, sleeping post-drunk people. And not all of them drank.

We had a tee-shirt contest part, where the funniest/best tee-shirt was voted on. The first place and second place winners were takayla and chrisraven, but since they are related to me, we gave it to the third place winner, Chance, the $20 Best Buy gift card prize. Her tee shirt had the Warner Brother’s Pussyfoot character on it. Mine was the one apeyanne gave me, a picture of Quahog News Diane and Tom from “Family Guy” (new episode today!), where Tom is caught in mid-act spanking Diane with a BDSM whiffle paddle behind the news desk. The guest list also included karmaidolman, stodgycat, cheesy_reads, daecabhir, ravynmaniac, theimp79, Missie, bulsi, cyaneyed, fuzzywhuze, and anyarm.

Much drinking ensued, although not everyone. Most spent the night. I love my friends.
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