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Allergies suck

My asthma is steadily getting better. The gang went off to Amphora’s to get lunch, but I stayed home because I was so tired. I slept pretty well last night, and while I still have some problems, I think going off the Advair has helped somewhat, since my throat is not nearly as swollen as it was becoming. I still have the, “cough, cough, gack, choke, wheeze... wheeze... burp burp... ah... better,” thing going, but since last night, the attacks are getting further apart and are not as severe. But people are out doing lawn work because it’s a beautiful day, and all I can do is sit inside and sigh.

So my friend Chance came by and did lawn work for me. She did a really good job, but was pretty tired by the time she was done. She cleaned up most of the front, and looks eager to so the side probably next weekend (weather permitting). It’s good to get this done now before it gets to hot. She’s saving up the money she got for the job for a new dress.

I instead taught myself how to ssh/scp without using a password using keys, and I’ll be working a little with rsych and cvs, since my new job will be focused on that. Maybe install FreeBSD and install Exim and SpamAssassin for the same reason. Since we do co-lo work, I might be able to put one of my own boxes out there, expose it to the Internet, and do a smoke test.

I’m really looking forward to this job. But like I have said before, I hope I don’t work there, and they pull off a mask, and go, “BLLLAAAAUURRRGHHH!!!” and be some horrible place. If they do, they sure had me fooled good. :)

There’s another (probably my last) 4am install tomorrow morning. The guy who was my mentor? His wife went into labor today. She was due at any time, and I just knew she’d deliver before the install. I was taking over this project because he’s going to be out, but... well, luckily, we pushed all the packages on Friday to the repository. So all I have do tomorrow morning is push it out to the servers, run some scripts, and bounce the processes.

Wish me luck. The install could go great... or we’ll end up on CNN. What a bang to end this job, eh?
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