punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Gaaah... no sleep for me

So, the thing we're installing this morning just crashed at midnight, and we haven't done anything yet! Then, while online, something else crashed from another project of mine, and apparently crashed Saturday, but no one told me. Boooo! While waiting for those... "California"... people to reboot a box, I decided to pull one from the vaults. I wrote this... the time stamp says 1999. This jest was made in love, and I totally invite a response in kind. :)

Comparisons: stodgycat vs. The Tatooine Bantha</center>

Punkadyne Labs, where "Get a life" takes on a whole new meaning, we have endeavoured to break the iconoclastic binds of a society of social classes by bringing the public what they truly don't know they need. So we decided to compare former Wardialing Programmer, stodgycat, to a large, fictional herding animal called a Bantha.

Has brown, shaggy fur Has brown, shaggy hair
Has two large, curly horns Has one laptop
Often seen in the desert Often seen with a dessert
Is ridden by the mysterious Sand People Is riddled by the mysterious French people
Lives on Planet Tatooine Lives on Taco Bell cuisine
Was in the Star Wars movie series Was in line for the Star Wars movie series
Looks like an elephant with a cheap brown bathroom rug on its head Looks like an programmer with a cheap brown bathroom rug on its head
Is afraid of krayt dragons Is afraid of everything else
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