punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Punkie vs. The Famous

Anyone heard of Eric Raymond? You tech geeks might have heard of him. Wrote "The Art of Unix Programming" and "The Cathedral and the Bazaar." I will probably be sharing panel space with him at Balticon! Now I'm scared I'll have nothing intelligent to add, or say something mind-numbingly stupid and ameteurish that causes Eric to up and leave in disgust. :)

Eric: Blah blah blah IQ of 204
Punk: Duuuuhhh...
Eric: [Something so clearly mind-blowing, it literally changes people's religion on the spot]
Punk: In second grade, I read 3 books in one month!
Eric: [Explains how to rewire some common household object to make your own pirate radio]
Punk: I can sharpen crayons!
Eric: [Wonders aloud why Punkie's on a panel with him, but said in such a way, Punkie thinks it's a dissection of a C++ program]
Punk: I grep'd a logfile once...

Still... kick ASS!
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