punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I love a challenge...

Because he asked for it...

Comparisons: ironkite vs. Easter Island Moai

Their heads are famous, topped with gray moss, and are very old His head is infamous, topped with gray hair, making him look old
Said to mark the graves of anscestors Lived with Dave, a roommate
Their faces were featured in "In Search Of" At Castlecon, a whole bunch of us were searching for him
Drives people into mysterious trance, going "Ooooohhhhmmmm..." Drives heavy machinery, going "Vrooooom!"
Seen on the shores of Easter Island, looking up at the sky Seen on the shores of North Carolina, flying kites in the sky
Made of monolithic stone, like the stones of Mexican Chichenitza Made of bits of flesh, like the toppings of Domino's chicken pizza
Nicknamed "Heads," but really have bodies Nicknamed "Chicken," but really human
Tags: easter island, moai, travis
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