punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Why, Punkie ... why?

Sometimes I wonder why idiots don’t know they’re being idiots. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the idiot. Self-doubt sucks.

I am pretty naive when it comes to stupid people. I see stupid people do stupid things, and I am shocked. Never fails. I watch “America’s Funniest Home Videos” or “Real TV” and see some dumbass try some stunt that only proves the laws of physics are still working as expected. “How did he expect that to end?” I ask, when someone sleds down a hill into the side of a house. Sometimes I get into arguments with really dumb people because part of me thinks, “You can’t be THAT stupid, could you?” I keep hoping they’ll make some point, and I’ll go, “Oh... I see! Before I thought you were talking out of your ass, but you were just setting up the framework for a brilliant plan.”

I become puzzled when someone says stuff like, “I am not patronzing, but if I was, I doubt you’d understand why.” Or, “I am not judgemental, unlike Jane, who thinks she’s better than everyone else.” Or even, “I hate extremists. I think they should all be flogged and hanged.” I mean, I see funny buttons that say stuff like that, but when someone say it seriously, my jaw drops to the floor. Even when I point it out, they don’t get it.

Dude: Oh, you think I’m patronizing? Do you even know what that means?
Punk: You did it just then.
Dude: Really?
Punk: Your arguments seem to be built on attacking other’s confidence, not proving your point.
Dude: Is that so? Maybe I should be as “educated” as Punkie.
Punk: You still haven’t proven your point.
Dude: Maybe if you listened, or are you hard-of-learning, too?
Punk: What is your point?
Dude: My point is that you’re a moron.
Punk: If that were so, why would it matter?
Dude: Because teaching you would be like teaching a fish to ride a bicycle.
Punk: That doesn’t even make sense.
Dude: My point exactly.
Punk: So the entire reason for this discussion is not to be right, but to reassure yourself that you are better than I am?
Dude: Educated people know I am right.
Punk: Can you list them?
Dude: Well, you’re not on the list.
Punk: If we do this by process of elimination, this will take a while. Only 499,999,999,999 people to go.
Dude: Look, you can count!

And so on. Isn’t this why I don’t participate in message boards anymore? Why do these conversations shock me, and why do I think by pointing out logical flaws, they’ll suddenly straighten up and debate on a logical, and educated fashion? At this point, it’s not them anymore, it’s me. I keep getting sucked into these things, thinking I’ll find a glimmer of a good point amid a sea of arrogance.

Like the bear joke goes, “You’re not doing this for the hunting anymore, are you?”
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