punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

More good stuff

New job is okay, and there's more good news coming.

Have you ever wished you could rent kittens? You know, like have them for a while, and give them back before they grow into more cats then you'll ever need? Well, we might have a chance in the next few weeks. It's kitten season, and that means a bunch of stupid people haven't spayed our neutered their pets. We're still members of Lost Dog and Cat Rescue, and they needed people to foster kittens between adoption faires (every weekend). We waiting for details, but they need people this year, and we have a cat-friendly house. We just have to make sure they come with a cage, no fleas, no feluk, etc...

I am also possibly getting 3 x Pentium III Dual 800 procs servers for my SETI array. Huge, black. monolithic things. w00t! Maybe 2, because one of them might have a bad power supply. But who cares?

I need help. I keep taking in orphaned kittens and computers.
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