punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Work - Summary for those who don't read my private journals

Sometimes I forget that my work-related posts are usually private. My old friend Neal called me, and I had to update him on all the stuff that had been happening up until now. Neal doesn't have an LJ account, while some of my friends have one just so they can read the private posts of friends, I don't want to force someone to "join the LJ cult," as it were. My friend Missie also does not have a LJ account, but follows my blog. So, for the record:

I left my former company on May 6th and started at a new company May 9th. I now work in Maryland, which, yes, is a hell of a commute, but I think it's for a better company with better opportunities. I sort of made this decision when I got laid off back in September, but then made a shoestring catch of another job at the same company where I worked until a better job came along. Not that I hated the job, but I was just getting tired of the same problems, like low pay and an unstable work environment (layoffs, outsourcing issues, bureaucratic red tape to get anything done, etc). I miss my old work, but I like this one better. I felt my old work was just winding down to an inevitable entropy. I left on a good note, so all is well.
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