punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Assorted followups

In other news, my horrible asthma has slowly continued to get better. I still have horrific attacks, but now only 1-2 days, instead of about 12 a day like it was a few weeks ago. I am not sure what's curing it, since I have been doing several things: taking echinaecia, getting off the Advair, the reduced pollen count, or maybe I had a virus that was swelling up the upper repertory tract and is slowly dying off on its own. In any case, the spasms of coughs have been reduced to times when I exert myself too much, I have been sitting still without talking for too long, or when I am in the shower and the steam gets in my lungs.

Yesterday, I was able to mow my back yard without too much of an aftershock of spasmodic coughing fits. Sadly, I had to do it when the sun was setting, which meant the mosquitos were coming out, and my terrible night vision (which is at its worst in twilight or dim lighting), and so my mowing looked crooked this morning. Hopefully Chance and I can get to the side of the house this weekend, where some bushes have grown out of control.

The power supply for the CR's new computer came in. Hopefully we can assemble his computer soon, and I can get the 19" CRT monitor off my den floor (I have a new ACER 19" LCD which is very nice).

Things have been a lot better recently. Really. I was reading through my blogs a few weeks ago to get the bigger picture, and 2004 really blew chunks. In fact, Feb 2004 - Feb 2005 will go down in the history books as the third worst period in my life, post-childhood (late 2001 was second, and 1987 still ranks as #1 in suckage). I am able to sleep better, collect my thoughts a little more, and stop crying randomly in bathrooms and when I can't sleep.
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