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Tired tired tired

I think my blood pressure medication, which they just changed, isn’t working. I am so tired all the time now. I drink caffeine, and I get headaches. So I am trying to stay off caffeine until my BP gets to a more stable low, which makes me more tired. I have had a lot of sleep, and I just want more.

I came home Friday, exhausted, and then had a huge asthma attack, then during a coughing and sneezing fit, I threw my back out, then that was followed by stomach ailments, and the combination kept me up until 5am before finally everything calmed down enough where I could sleep. But despite the tummy troubles, my ulcer hasn’t been as bad, and my coughing fits still are on the decrease.

I woke up late yesterday, and even though I lay in bed watching TV and trying to wake up, the world continued around me. Chance was supposed to come by to help me with yard work, and then I was told she hadn’t cleaned her room, so she wasn’t allowed to come over. Then she cleaned her room and she WAS allowed. Then the guy with the kitten called, and wanted to arrange stuff with Christine. Then the power went out for about 10 minutes. Almost all at the same time. I knew it was going to be one of THOSE days...

Chance arrived, and she started planting flowers. I went to the side of the house with a hedge trimmer and started seriously paring down the huge Forsythia that just grows like crazy. I grew up with these huge yellow bushes in McLean, and when unchecked, they just balloon out wherever they can. I trimmed it back to the barest nubs 3 years ago, and since then, it’s grown back and almost doubled in size. It’s a safety and security hazard, since it blocks one of our side windows from the street and our neighbor’s view of that side of our house, and has been scratching up the side of the house. But I didn’t get a chance to trim it all the way because...

Thunder sounded. Dark clouds quickly rolled in, and there was thunder and lightning. I figured standing outside with a large electric metal object was not the smartest thing to do. So I had to stop at about 80% of the job completed, and help Chance finish planting the flowers. We got done just in time as rain poured down. It stopped for a while, then came down again. Then anyarm and fuzzewhuzze showed up. We planned on going to Chuck-e-cheese, so we all piled into their Ford Explorer, and drove on down the road...

... into the worst rainstorm I have ever been in since I drove through a Nor’easter on the Hatteras Islands many years ago. Kudos to anyarm for her expert driving skills. We got there, and was a little surprised it was packed. Then, to our surprise, the whole Heare family was there. Actually, they were on their way out. So we talked for a little while, and I showed Keiran how the robotics worked for all the characters. The Chuck-e-cheese we visit had a defective Chuckee in the fact the collar that keeps his neck covered has fallen down, leaving a 3-5 inch gap where you can see the support rods and cables that power his head assembly. They haven’t fixed this in at least 6 months so far. We stayed for a while, eating pizza and letting Chance, CR, and fuzzewhuzze run around and play games.

While we were out, back at the house, power went out briefly at 7:23 and again at 9:53 which stayed off for several hours (I know because of my system logs on my various Linux boxen, heh). When we got home at 11 or so, the power was out until about 12:30am, so we all sat around with candles as I followed voices in the dark. Part of me felt like I was in some weird dream because I could hear everyone, but not really see anything but the dim flames in front of me.

Finally, I went to bed, and slept pretty deeply until about 10am. I had a TERRIBLE dream where Christine put me in a mental hospital because apparently, 9/11 was all in my head, and never actually happened. Every bit of proof I furnished was written off by blank-faced therapists as “Tabloid trash” and “TV isn’t real, hon...” When I “refused treatment,” Christine divorced me. It was horrible.

I took me a long time to get up to speed because I was stiff and sore all over. My blood pressure still continues to be high, and because of the sudden change in pressure, my arthritis was really troublesome. Luckily moving around and eating chocolate helped a lot. I had my BP monitored at Target, and it was 170/105. Those booths always have me a little high, but not that high. I am going to try and see if I can come in late some day soon and get an early doctor’s appointment or something. I don’t want to get a stroke or heart attack at 36, or I’ll never hear the end of it. “Punkie, you MORON!” I can hear the plethora of ex-FanTek-medical staff if they got wind of it.

We returned Chance back to her home, got to spend some time with the kids, but we had to go because Christine had some errands to run. We got some stuff at Target, and then had wait at home to see if we were selected to foster kittens. Nope. :( No word from anyone. Oh well, that means they have a surplus of foster homes, which is always better than the alternative.

Oh and my new dishwasher? Broke. The “Clean dishes” light keeps flashing, and the manual says to call a repair person; the heater went bad. Great. Gotta dig up my warranty...
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