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Hardware - It's a PC, a router, a floor wax, a dessert topping!

Check this out:

14 Ethernet Port Pentium M motherboard


- Intel Pentium M Processor.
- Four DDR 200/266 RAM Sockets - Up to 8 GB.
- Ten 64-bit GbE with SFP and Copper LAN Ports.
- Four 32-bit 10/100 LAN Ports.
- SafeXcel 184x Co-Processor Embedded.
- Two Serial Ports.
- 64-Bit PCI-X 100 MHz Slot for Expansion.
- Two USB Ports.
- Parallel Port.
- IDE Connector.
- CompactFlash Socket.
- Digital I/O - Four Input and Four Output.
- Watchdog timer.
- H/W System Monitoring.

Dang. That's a lot of ethernet on one motherboard. Fits a normal Pentium M socket 400mhz FSB chip, too. I bet you you'll have to make your own case, though.
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