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Baltcion 39 Pictures

Cut for bandwidth. Click on the thumbnails for bigger pictures.

Fantastic Four Fantastic Four

This huge, theater-sized display was actually offered as part of the RIF auction. I wonder who bid on this, because damn... the thing was almost 10 feet tall and made of cardboard. How the hell did they get it home?
Baltimore Skyline Baltimore Skyline

I always take pictures out my window of Balticon since the 80s. Not much changes, but I think some kid part of me is still amazed at being high up.
Dechaebir Dechaebir

Yes, the Head of Programming for Balticon is THE Kevin Smith. And yes, I am totally lying.
Ops Card Game Ops Card Game

Night Ops is like a mini-Vegas. Without the drinking... no, wait, we have drunk mundanes. Without the gambl-- no, running Ops is a gamble. Then without the crime-- no... we run a "con." Yeah. Just like Vegas.
Two Chrises Two Chrises

My son and my wife. Normally, they are happy people, but I just told them about dead puppies and a world without toys or candy. Just kidding, guys!
Sagesaria Sagesaria

Yes, THE famous, sagesaria. I have known her for a long time. She's the best guitarist I know, and she's only a teen. She's taken the famous "spot under the stairs" where the musically talented play. Normally, she's surrounded by friends, but she was alone in this shot.
Weight Limit Weight Limit

8 people? 2500 pounds? AHAHAHAAAHHAAA...!!! Yeah, we broke that on Thursday...
Count Gore De Vol Count Gore De Vol

The famous Count Gore De Vol, as if he was 1 inch high at the end of a dark tunnel without your glasses. A camera phone is NOT a good camera for all light conditions, but it is convenient...
Author Author

This is an example of the reverse problem of the previous picture.
Anime Audience Anime Audience

A typical panel audience for an anime panel, or at least the left half of one.
Crokanole Crokanole

A captivation game of crokanole between Christine and Hal.

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