punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

So, how is that writing going...?

Two odd things happened regarding my writing this weekend.

First, on Saturday, MSD's tth came to me and said, "As of Saturday morning we broke even, and the con has now paid for itself. I'd like to say your book was the reason, but even though it wasn't, it's been our top seller so far." He then discussed the possible need for a reprint this summer. A *REPRINT*, folks! Damn, I never thought I'd hear that in the same sentence as my old work published since 1993...

I am hoping I can convince them to publish the second Punk Walrus book, "Punk Walrus and the Soapstone Gargoyle," which has "been in the can" ready to print for a while. It probably now needs some re-editing, but I will try and keep the illustrations by cyaneyed.

Then when we got home Sunday, I read my current work (Tony Bumper) to fuzzywhuze, anyarm, and apeyanne. None of them had ever heard me do a reading before, and sadly, halfway through my second piece, I could barely breathe because of all the lung/throat damage my asthma has done this season. I literally felt my lips start to tingle from lack of oxygen,. and takayla had to finish. All of them liked it a lot.

My writing has been for shit, to be honest. In 2002, I said, "2003 is when I'll make my comeback," but then my life got complicated. So I decided to try again in 2004, and we all know how THAT year went. I got scared maybe God or whatever was telling me NOT to write, lest bad things happen. So I promised, "This year, I will NOT write!" and so far this year has gone well after February, at least. I wish I was less silly and superstitious, but then some inner voice goes, "But then bad stuff would happen, and you'd never guess why!"

Gaah... what should I do?
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