punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Cable Internet woes

Gahh... my cable Internet is flaky. I am not sure if the modem got cooked during all the power outages, or the Cox Internet connection itself is having issues. I mean, literally it goes up and down several times an hour, often staying down for hours. This after years of pretty decent service. Since it started with the power outages, I am inclined to believe that it might be on my side, but I'd hate to buy some $80 new cable modem only to find out it's really Cox.

And since Cox will undoubtable say it's my fault, I really only have one choice...

I tried what many suggested about the laptop thing, and I finally got UPS to ship the laptop to my work address (which is fairly safe, considering everyone knows everyone else, there are 12 cameras in recieving, and it's a secured data center). I'll get it later, but better than not at all. Major groveling kudos for karmaidolman for calling me at 11:51 pm and nearly making me turn gay by his incredibly sexy phone voice which sounds just as professional as a jazz musician doing a gig of pre-recorded train station announcements. Gees, dude, you should really go into broadcasting...
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