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I want to strangle people.

I want to strangle dumb customer service people over the phone with my bare hands. I want to grab their pencil-thin necks, and as they choke in my anger-powered grasp, I will beat their heads against their monitors until it leaves blood prints.

Cable Modem: So COX says my cable modem is fried. I get another one, and I am on hold for over an hour as a tech tries to refresh some command file. Then he hangs up on me. I get a recording when I call back that they are closed for the night. So takayla calls this morning, speaks with another guy for over an hour and half, and he asks my wife to remove the "troublesome router" and connect her Windows machine directly to the Internet, and... here it comes... disable all firewalls. Needless to say, her computer is probably borked. And that didn't fix the Internet for long, obviously (like a few minutes). It's the same damn problem, Internet goes up and down. So now, when I get home today, I have to go through hours of techs again, to convince them it is NOT my end, I *DO* know what I am doing, and now I am out $80 for a new modem. Fucktards.

Laptop: I get a call yesterday from UPS that says Dell has refused to reroute my laptop to my business address (even though it was ordered here). So they will try and redeliver it to home. Fine, I say, since takayla will be home. Then I get a call AGAIN, this morning, repeating the call yesterday. I tell the second person, "I got this call yesterday, and I said yes, deliver it." There was a pause, and a, "Oh, okay... let me see if I can get the package on before the truck leaves." Something, I don't know, just say, experience, tells me this won't happen. I checked the tracking number, and sure enough, "THE PACKAGE WAS LEFT IN A UPS FACILITY CAUSING THIS DELAY; FORWARDED TO THE FACILITY IN THE DESTINATION CITY."

Fuck. I hate inept people. And there are so fucking many of them.
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