punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Like horses out of the gate... here comes... goes... the weekend!

Because I work/commute 12 hour days, I have lost a lot of afternoon time to get stuff done. So this Friday and Saturday, I started getting ready for takayla's adult toy party. The old chairs for the old table we put in the attic. The floor was vacuumed, but it didn't seem to improve the floor much. I did a week and a half's worth of dishes, by hand because my dishwasher is STILL broken, and because none of us have time off from work to stay home, it won't be fixed for at least another week or so. I also straightened out some of the laundry room, and cleared a way for the new kittens, which will be arriving later today.

Saturday night, I was sore and it was hard to walk. My previously busted foot had swelled to the size of a grapefruit, and it was hard to get my right shoe on. Oddly enough, it doesn't... hurt... per se, it's just stiff and hard to move; like I am wearing socks that are way to tight and way too stiff. It's better this morning, I just have to keep it elevated so this doesn't present a big problem later on. My arthritus is KILLING me, and I am all out of Zyrtec, and won't get more until later because we changed insurance companies with my new job, and they want doctors notices for EVERYTHING... wheeze... wheeze... at least the pollen has gone down.

Since the adult toy party was women only, the men had to make themselves scarce. There was bulsi, fuzzywhuze, Gopher, CR, and myself. We went to Amphoras for a while, but got bored, so we went to Microcenter, but they were closed, so we were glad Borders Books was open until 11pm. I had a good time with them, and CR mentioned he's never been with a group who all had the same computer interests before.

One thing to note was the girl throwing the adult toys party was a royal... let just say I have a sore spot for being "pigeonholed" as "one of the guys." The first thing this woman asked me, while coming into our home, was "When are you leaving?" She didn't ask nicely, she asked as if I was a child who didn't understand I was no longer wanted. Patronization is a sore spot with me, and many of you know, so I told her I was waiting for some friends, and she said, "Ah... a night with the guys, huh?" like we were morons who were going to drink beer and watch football at some sports bar. Finally, I went to my den before I got angry. When fuzzywhuze arrived, we hung out in the guest room, where ninjacooter visited us for a little while. She wanted us all to go to a titty bar, and ditch the party, but all of us are not the titty bar type. See, ninjacooter was a stripper once for a short while, sort of an experiment in her life, and so she was half serious. I think if we were going to a titty bar, she would have come.

Well, anyway, when "the guys" got back, some of us hung around for a while afterwards to shoot the breeze, and then by 12:30, we all went home (ninjacooter stayed the night).

I got up this morning at about 11 or so, because we had to get ready for the incoming kittens! KITTENS! Five kittens, aged 7 weeks, will be here in an hour, so I am getting ready. Pictures later on...
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