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No pictures yet, we put them away for the night. They arrived, and all but one is bright, active, and healthy. We're not sure all the sexes yet, but we have them named:

- Harley is black and white, named because he/she has a harlequinn face
- Jumper is a gray tabby, named because he/she jumps everywhere... a real explorer
- Tony (or Toni, depending on what sex it turns out to be) is a twin of Jumper... a real tough guy/girl
- Sponge is a calico, named because he or she is a love sponge
- Toothpick is also a calico, a real skinny runt who is ill and on Pedialyte, named because he/she's skinnier than anything we've ever held that was also alive, but Toothpick is bright-eyed and curious, so he or she is not on death's door or anything

They all got a bath when they arrived, just in case they had fleas, and anyway, Toothpick got sick in the carrier, and it sort of got on all of them on the ride in. They were scrubbed and washed, dried, and petted. No fleas seen. They are currently happily living in our guest bathroom.

We will have them for 7 weeks before the are old enough to be adopted out. During that time, they will get vet visits, shots, spayed, and/or neutered. We're not introducing them to the rest of the pets just yet, but we're going to try and socialize them as much as possible in a week or so.
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