punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tech - Dell Poweredge 2300

In the future, should you want to install Red Hat EL 3 on a Dell Poweredge 2300 with SCSI RAID: American Megatrends (AMI) PERC2/SC, you might want to make sure the Megaraid driver is seeing an updated firmware 3.13 (from 3.00, the standard). Here's a link:

P2SC313.exe (640 KB)

Damn that was hard to find. I can't get anything but RHAS 3.0 to install on these things... I am only doing this so future people who try this don't have to search and try as much as I had to. Whew!

This weekend, I finally got to the Dell Poweredge 2300's from Christine's old work. Not as great as I would have hoped. They are only dual P2/450mhz with 256mb RAM. They have a SCSI array, which is super fast, so I put it at RAID0 and might use it as an installing cache server.
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