punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Kitten pics!

Lot of thumbnails, click each one for a bigger picture.

Herding Cats - Take 1 Herding Cats - Take 1

Ever try and make a bunch of wily kittens stand still long enough for a photo shoot like those greeting cards? I wouldn't recommend it...
Herding Cats - Take 2 Herding Cats - Take 2

QUICK! One's getting away!
Herding Cats - Take 3 Herding Cats - Take 3

Okay! HURRY! Snap the... oh, forget it...
Tony is sneaky Tony is sneaky

Tony was named because he's a lover, a fighter, and got big cahones like a Italian, hah?
Sponge, Toothpick, and Jumper Sponge, Toothpick, and Jumper

Despite what my wife thinks, Sponge's name is NOT Peaches...
Tony is not amused Tony is not amused

Ey! Get that friggin' Kodak away from my puss... capisce? My bruddah Jumpah will mess youse up!
Tony and Toothpick Tony and Toothpick

No... you, YOU look like da clown, Toothpick!
Kitten bouquet Kitten bouquet

Psst... quality kittens, mac. Just like new! But they won't be around for long... Yeah, they're blurry, whattia expect?
Toothpick Toothpick

Toothpick was named because she's so skinny from her illness. We hope she makes it to adulthood. :(
Harley Harley

When you don't know the sex of a kitten, you kind of have to make up something that could go either way. Harley could be short for Harlequinn, or Harley Davidson. Recently, things have arisn that make us think Harley has a leather cap and a hog is in his future...
Tony... or Jumper.  They look alike to me... Tony... or Jumper. They look alike to me...

Ey, you stereotypin' me or somtin'? Whattia, some kind of sissy-boy?
Sponge (some call her Peaches) Sponge (some call her Peaches)

We named her Sponge because she's a love Sponge, but SOME people changed her name to PEACHES like she's some Georgia fruit or something...
I think this is Jumper I think this is Jumper

So named because he's a jumper. Not as in suicide, but he likes to leap from place to place; a real explorer. We should get him a pith helmet. Pith! I said PITH helm-- never mind...
What's that jingling sound...? What's that jingling sound...?

I smell wet do--
Rawr...! Rawr...!


Run away... run awaaayyy!!

You should have seen it! You should have seen it!

So there I was, eating, and this huge puffball with teeth came by and scared me so bad, my tail went crooked and poofy! No, really, Toothpick, I swear, he must have been 6, 8 inches high! CRAP, I am getting OUT of this PLACE!

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