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Random stuff

So, this week is going by fast.

I haven't made many entries, but this is mostly because I have been busy with work and other things. The only reason I can write THIS entry was because our workplace received a massive power surge (and another "aftershock") that brought the whole data center to its knees. We have a backup generator, but it didn't kick in soon enough, and the UPS blew a battery, causing a massive surge to enter into our main system racks. We've lost several major pieces of equipment, and I am on remote standby with nothing to do.

Let's see, the kittens are cute. No doubt about that. The bathroom is a bit smelly, but I have tried to keep it clean. Much playing with the kittens ensues.

CR won an award for "Most Outstanding Student" in Social Studies. Due to a typo, though, he won it around the same time Roman Emperor Lucius Septimius Severus campaigns against the Caledonians, in the year 205. Then he gave us a tour of his school (CR, I mean, Lucius is dead). I met his English teacher, and got the same, "You are so much like you son, wowie...!" I usually get. Poor CR. I used to get that about my dad a lot, and one day, when I was particularily mad at my dad, when some guy at a grocery store said that I looked just like my dad, I replied with a quizzical, "Uh... he's my next door neighbor." Yes, that was evil, but I was 12.

Um... want to see some dirty computer pictures?
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