punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Kitten Update

So now we have 4 kittens. Toothpick was just not getting better, and she died at the vet's yesterday. We're not sure why, and since neither I or the adoption agency know the history of these kittens, we will probably just chalk it up to, "Usually not all kittens from any litter survive." A cat is a complicated organism, and anything can go wrong.

Peaches (I give up, takayla) really misses her sister. She's been meowing, looking for her, and wants extra love. Tony has also been visibly shaken; constantly sniffing the places where Toothpick used to sleep. Both Peaches and Tony "need people" and should be very easy to adopt. Jumper and Harley, not so much, but they do like occasional attention.

I let them romp around for a while last night and today. I introduced Ahfu, which made him VERY happy (Ahfu loves babies). The kittens were not so happy, but I wanted them to be introduced to small dogs so they can be listed as "dog friendly."

Our ant problem is coming back, I see. I don't want to spray near the kittens, but I don't want ants in their food, either. I may have to do a very thorough cleaning of that bathroom soon.
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