punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tech - A Note About Icons

I know that on a lot of Linux forums, you get, "can U help me i cant load grub" or some text that sounds like it comes from someone immature, but I try and give them the benefit of the doubt because not everyone has English at their first language. That being said, I have noticed recently on a lot of the Lunix forums and Livejournal threads that there are a lot of people who have... distracting icons. Icons that are on the edge of tasteless. Three recent icons have come to mind: an animated gif that showed the silhouette of some guy shooting himself complete with blood splatter, another animated gif where some Japanese girl dressed as red riding hood is reacting surprised to a guy in a tanuki suit with enormous testicles, and a still pic of a girl obviously enjoying her self physically, even if we can't see anything except her naked shoulders, neck, and face.

Sorry, that's just immature. I can take all kinds of personal icons with a wide range of taste, but if your icon is some animated gif of an anime girl's boobies jiggling around, or a clip from a movie where some guy is torn open by zombies, don't expect me to take your question seriously. In fact, thanks to your questionable taste in icons, I feel uncomfortable browsing the forums you post in at work.

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