punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

A Note to Metro Riders

- DON'T suddenly stop when there's a crowd behind you during rush hour. Especially if you are in a narrow passage, like an escalator. Don't stare at the ceiling to avoid eye contact with the angry people around you.
- DON'T stop on the escalator on the left side. If you don't want to walk up the stairs, keep to the right. If you are keeping to the right, make sure you don't have some huge-ass bag blocking people trying to go up the stairs to the left.
- It is a bad idea to wear your iPod/Walkman, blaring, while doing all of the above at Metro Center will get trampled. I'm sorry. Maybe I wouldn't have done it, but I didn't feel sorry for you when that big guy yanked the earbuds out of your head and screamed at you to MOVE!

Today also seemed to be "take your kid to work day" or something. I saw a lot of professional people with their kids. I also saw more tourists than I am used to so early in the morning. Tourists I can forgive for the most part, they bring in their money, and they aren't used to the rules, and I don't want to be one of those crabby-ass people who hate tourists since I am a tourist when I visit other places. But the combo was a bit much.

On the ride to Metro Center, one family of 5 was busily trying to stay out of people's way. I guess they didn't expect it to be so crowded. Sadly, and I know I'll spend time in hell for saying this, but sadly, their kids were... really ugly. I mean, you could tell it was genetics, man. One boy, two girls, aged like 13-17 maybe. All of them had a thick unibrow, flat nose, slack jaw, and off-center eyes like they were slightly Cromagnon. The eldest at least had some work done with makeup and some tweezing, but the boy and younger girl... man. The parents didn't look so bad, so maybe it was a pupal phase or something. But the worst was I was forced to look in their direction because at one point, in order to get away from the throngs of people coming in the door, they all huddled around where I was sitting. Their youngest daughter was wearing some black baby-doll shirt with sparkles and magenta hot pants. Really ho-tacky. The hot pants were a bit to big for her, so she hiked them up her rail-thin body (I swear, they almost covered her stomach), showing off some camel toe with was right at my eye level, inches from my face. She reeked of hotel soap. How I get into these Benny-Hill-like situations, I'll never know. I still have hyperactive saxophone music running in my head. Blecch. [shudder]

And just yesterday there was a dead body on the tracks. At my station. No surprises there.
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