punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Surpr-- oh, you already know...

One of the things I am so grateful for is how well takayla communicates with me. I don't hide anything from her, she doesn't hide anything from me, and if she does, I am grateful for my ignorance. I have always felt any successful marriage involves a lot of cross-communication, polite necessities (please, thank you, etc.), respect for other's space, and picking the correct battles. I am very easy-going, not very confrontational at all, and feel this has been the best path for me. I choose my battles, and since rarely is anything worth fighting someone over comes along, I rarely scream and yell. Usually when my wife and I get into a row, it's because one of us is just crabby (usually me).

The only sad side-effect this has is the inability to keep secrets from one another for very long. Most of the surprise parties I have done for her have fallen flat because I can't quite convincingly lie to her. We don't have any protocol for "You are coming with me/staying home, don't ask why," because then we know there's a party. Many times, we do our best to hide these things, and then some random thing comes along, and we figure it out. The most famous one was about 7 years ago where I had to get her out of the house so friends could set up a party in our house. Everything went fine right up to the point we "went out shopping" and as we left our house, who should pass us but one of the party people, bouncygryphon. She has a rather unique car; the license plate says "Gryffin" (I think, correct me on the actual spelling). So my wife figured it out in like 2 seconds, despite bouncygryphon's panicked attempts to NOT look like herself in her car.

So, my wife and son are out at the vet's, getting Ahfu his annual shots and a checkup, and I get a call from someone I thought was our friend Elspeth (from a quick glance of the caller ID). "Hell-oooo!" I said in a silly voice. Only it wasn't Elspeth, but a confused lady at the Elizabeth Arden Spa. "Uh-um... is Mrs. takayla there?" I told her she was out and about, but would return an a few hours. "Well, we need to confirm her appointment at 12:00 tomorrow." I confirmed it, and was puzzled at first, thinking it was some makeup thing her and anyarm were doing tomorrow, before a gong went off in my head that it was the massage place we have gone to before. I called her to let her know.

Well, takayla was upset that a surprise for me for father's day, and she TOLD them not to call. So, while I didn't ask for anything, I get a massage... or something tomorrow. Should be great!

Thanks, takayla!
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