punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Father's Day 2005

Father's Day went by without too much fanfare, which was nice. I think I thought about my dad, wherever he is, once or twice. I wondered, "Does he even acknowledge my existence anymore?" Probably not. He's going to fade into nothingness, and be put in the ranks like so many "deadbeat dads," and while he technically doesn't qualify as one, it will just be easier to say he is so I won't have to explain the whole thing over and over. "Yeah, my mom died when I was 18, and we don't know where my dad is." It just seems so... stupid, like it shouldn't have ended this way. My mother had such high hopes for the family, and it's barely even a blip on the radar. I carry all that's left.

But the day was not all reminiscing. It started out with a spa treatment. The spa treatment was okay. The "Swedish Massage" was ... well, to be honest, I don't think she did a bad job, nor was the technique bad. I really think I lost the ability to relax. The reflexology was nice, though. It was 25 minutes of foot rubbing, which was better than the back rubbing. Afterwards, though, I was acting like a drunken sailor on a tilting ship. It took me about an hour and food at "On the Border" to get my head back into the real world. So it must have done something.

The day before, CR changed his hair to blue. He had been talking about it for some time, and we figured this was the best time. It's summer, so he doesn't have to be out as much, but he still has a week of school to show it off. This is before he has to get a serious job, so any later would be too late. And everyone should try a new hair thing at least once. CR is ambivalent about it; it wasn't as great as he'd hoped. The primary thing is that the bleaching process turned his hair into feeling like straw, which he doesn't like, and then the dye made his hair poofy. Also, the dye didn't come out as even as anyone expected. It's darker and lighter is various spots. We hope it will even out with time. If I ever become real rich, when I have mine done, I'll have it done professionally.

We ended the night with Hama Sushi.
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