punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Old times, good times... old places, new places...

I heard from another high school alumni out of the blue today. I have been getting a lot of those recently. They find McLean on Google, and apparently I am one of the top hits. I feel sort of bad because I slam on it so much, but... McLean High sucked, man! Maybe it doesn't now (I have no idea), but I know it sucked up to 1995, when anyarm graduated. "Lodal-palooza" indeed. Bwah!

This weekend, takayla and I are driving back to West Virginny to celebrate 16 years up her putting up with me! We'll sleep on a waterbed, eat at the Candlewick Inn, and drive down "The Strip" of downtown Keyser, the famous Main Street, where all the action is! See Pott State WVU, the Hospital Where No One Returns, and the abandoned custard stand! End your tour with the famous Laundromat after the bridge! Sit a spell at the Stray Cat Cafe in the David Brenner Memorial Booth!
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