punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sixteen... sixteen glorious years... ah ha ha! [lightning flash]

Right now, I am at my sister-in-law's house, doing my usual maintenance on her Win98 computer, and I am happy to say she keeps it updated, checked, and defragged. All the has is the cruft of Spyware and a DirectX corruption, so that should be easy to fix.

We left for West VA around noon yesterday, and stopped at a farmer's market to get tomatoes, cheeries, and a cantelope. My cantelope says it's from Brazil! Then we stopped off at the hotel, dropped our stuff off, jumped on the waterbed and rolled around, and then we called Nybor to tell him we were in town and we have his Wandering Tarot Deck (which has been left at our house twice, and resisted several time to be returned to him).

We went to his house, where he's building (as in, building from scratch) a hot tub that will be 4 feet deep. He already did the masonry for the cement base which will house the heater and circulating unit, and was halfway through the outer frame, which required an extensive set of strong lumber to hold all that water. Once he gets the frame, he's putting in a custom fibergass shell. It will be available for friends daily, but if you want to wear clothing, that will only be allowed once a week (those funny, wacky, pagans and their skyclad rules). I wish I had thought to take pictures. We also met their cats, Solstice (recovering from a cancerous tumor on her ear), and her son, Pan (a huge cat that looks like a Husky with a cat head). We gave him his tarot deck back, whereupon he promptly lost it, but at least we know it's somewhere in his house! What a michevious deck...

He gave us a present for our 16th anniversary, a bottle of the finest mead anywhere, and a lithograph of Elspeth and Nybor that he did of the two of them ten years ago (it's been one of our favorites).

Then we left and went to dinner at the Candlewyck Inn, had some of the best food I have had in a while, and then we were so tired from the drive, we tried to go to sleep.

Waterbeds are fun. But not good for any support whatsover. Christine was in so much misery, she actually got a second hotel room to sleep in so I had to sleep alone last night! That sucked. But she has to drive back this evening, so better she stay awake than me. I slept okay, but I don't think I'll ever buy a waterbed.

People in Keyser? Think Polish (as in from Poland) people are stupid. Openly. Like they have this hotel called "Polish Pines" with an upside-down tree, signifying, (huh huh) Polish people are so dumb, they put the tree on the sign wrong. What an obscure group of people to make fun of. There must have been some immigrant thing about 100 years ago I don't get, but I think making fun of Polish people is as obtuse as making fun of, say, the Swiss or Croatians...

"Those Miserable Fat Belgian Bastards! Fuck waffles!"
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