punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Goodbye... SETI Array...

Okay, not really goodbye, but most of it will be hibernating until late fall/winter. The SETI array in the guest room has now gone a heat bonus to a heat minus. In the winter, it's great: I don't have to turn on the heater in there unless there's a guest, and my machines get natural cooling. But now it's heating up the room, and I am not running the AC to cool these systems. Using power to counteract other power is wasteful. This will give me some time to thin out some of the older, less-productive machines, and work on making my SETI machines into LFS Systems. The other machines in the house will be running SETI, though, and they do a majority of the work, anyway, since my guest room array is the low end PIII machines.
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