punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Migraines are back... yay!

This weekend has been a blur of a migraine, so let me wrap up what might be partially unreal. But first let me state when I get migraines, they are either hard and quick, or slight and lingering. I prefer hard and quick migraines, because they are done faster. But this weekend, I was in a venerable fog for several days. I blame my newer meds.

I don't remember Friday much at all. There was something about family night that takayla, CR, and I were at Amphora's and Fair Oaks Mall. I think Hot Topic was in there somewhere. I love that place. I felt at the mall a slight buzzing sensation at the back of my head, a little nausea, and it was so slight, I didn't even know it was the beginning of a migraine. I slept deeply, and had bad dreams which I can't remember now.

Saturday, I cleaned up the house, and the Heare family came over. Chance was supposed to help do yard work, but stodgycat and I hadn't talked in a while, and I gave up a clean yard for friends... again. :) anyarm and fuzzywhuze came over in the evening. Chance stayed the night. Scarlet got massive allergy attacks because of the kittens.

Sunday morning, Chance had to be picked up early because her grandfather showed up early to their house, so we only got the morning to talk about stuff and life in general. She's got a unique perspective on things, and we discussed life and attitudes. We played with the kittens some more while I picked up the destruction the kittens have wreaked on my guest room.

Man... kittens sure are messy.

Afterwards, my migraine started to get worse. It was okay when thedreamymoon and ninjacooter came over to play cards, but when anyarm and fuzzywhuze came back in the evening, my migraine was really starting to get bad. The night became fuzzy, although I remember the water fight well enough that the huge dent in the floor was not a mystery to me the next day (fuzzywhuze fall down and go boom... thank goodness he's okay).

Then there was this Cranium game that apparently I won although I have NO memory of it. AT ALL. When anyarm and fuzzywhuze told me about it later, I thought they were kidding. Of all thing, I apparently answered a Super Bowl question. Me. I am to sports facts what /dev/null is to output.

Monday I was in a post-migraine haze. I kind of remember getting up late, and anyarm, fuzzywhuze, Brad, and our family went to Hooters in Fairfax and watched fireworks from the parking lot afterwards. It seems like a dream. I kind of remember Brad playing the new Tears for Fears album (which sounds heavily influenced by The Beatles), Hooters, an iced tea machine overflowing, "That 70's Show" playing on the huge TVs, and fireworks that were... meh to slightly good in parts.

I am so sick to my stomach. I feel like I have a mild concussion.

Today was more of the same... a haze. I hope I actually put in this entry because I have already dreamt I put it in twice, only to not see it posted in my LJ. I think I did work at my job. Something about DNS scripts. I don't remember either Metro ride to or from work.

I have started the "Order of the Pheonix" again. In preparation for July 16th.

Man, I hate migraines.
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