punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Foul mood

I am not happy. I got paged at 5am this morning, and honestly, it wasn't the tech's fault. One of the things I hate about certain commercial automation tools is that they always assume THEIR copy of the configuration file is the right one, and it overwrites the old one without even backing it up. Well, it turns out the tool was wrong (thank you, Plesk), and it cheerfully replaced the correct one with its broken one, and then threw up like a toddler who got into the pantry and ate everything that looked colorful. I was up for hours trying to fix the web sites of over 400 customers. It boiled down to a site that had been deleted, yet Plesk decided needed to exist for some reason, and when the site wasn't there anymore... well... a small hollow voice went plugh, and it was all over. 400 sites eaten by a grue. The fact I found the problem and fixed it proves I totally rule.

But I couldn't get to sleep, and my ankle on my bad foot started swelling, and it wouldn't support my weight so well. I feared I would collapse on the Metro if I didn't take care of it. I worked from home, and have had it up a lot, so the swelling has gone down significantly, but now the top of my foot is covered in red pin spots like a strangle victim.

When I get migraines, they are like clockwork. They happen in waves at almost the exact time of the day. This cluster of "mild and long" migraines starts at about 2:30pm. I felt the pangs a few minutes ago, but so far, it hasn't come on full force, which means they are ebbing. All I want is sweets. Chocolate cake, donuts... I crave sweet fruit, too. But I know what that will do to my stomach. The thought of eating so much cake makes me nauseous even though I crave it so dearly. And if I eat it, I'll get so sick... but some part of me craves chocolate in huge volumes. And because I am not getting it, because my stomach is saying, "GAH!! NO!! HEARTBURN!!" and my brain is going, "You know... if we eat chocolate, we'll get sick..." I am in a foul mood.
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