punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Body Moddy

Next to my bed is the unused portion of Shocker Blue Manic Panic hair color that my son put in his hair. I can't bear to throw it away because some part of me feel like the last 10 years I have been drifting farther from the punk and Goth community than ever. I haven't seen people like Suzi or Count Zero in like forever, and nowadays, when I see Goths, I don't go up to them; I feel like the creepy older guy who hangs around proms, trying to get some action in exchange for getting beer.

As I roll that fat black cylinder in my hand, it feels cool but reassuring. There was a time I wanted my hair blue, but after seeing so many bad dye jobs, I figured I'd have it professionally done when I got it done... if ever. I have this sort of half-dream of becoming wealthy, getting some land out in the country, and then dying my hair blue. It's like part of the process; I can't wear it unless I have earned it.

The tattoo is getting closer to reality. I am settling on a smaller choice of patterns; based on things I think are timeless. I have come to the realization that I have to make a commitment soon or I won't make one at all. But one of the main "favorites" is actually worn on the arm of someone rather famous who's known to be a little... nuts. This concerns me because what if this person goes completely nuts and does something horrible? Like suppose I really got into Michael Jackson in the 1980s. Say I loved him in the Jackson 5, and saw his shining career as never ending, so in 1985, I got a "sparkly white glove" on my shoulder. Right now? I'd be really upset how his life turned out. Either Suzi or ninjacooter told a story about some girl at one of the tattoo places they frequented back in the early 90's. Some 18 year old had "Queensrÿche" written across her back in thick, dark, heavy ink... like their album logo at the time. That was 10-15 years ago, so the girl is around 30 years old now. I wonder how her previous decision is looked at now? She fared better than most; at least Queensrÿche is still around. Part of my lessening fear is that some people with silly tats often look on them not as "Oh man... what a mistake!" but as "That marks a time in my life..." This makes sense when Navy guys get a tattoo while on tour, because they can look back in 40 years, and still have a memory of that magical night when the stars were twinkling through the crisp night air, having good drinks with new friends that became lifelong buddies, and slept with underaged Thai whores. "Limping Jimmy got his nickname that night when he got staph, remember? Haw haw haw..."

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