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This would have made a good photo...

I got to be with a bomb sniffer doggie today. Dark-colored German Shepherd. Nice dog. Nice handler. And that's all I can say about that. But I can say that apart from three jovial police officers at Silver Spring, and two officers and a police car at Vienna... if I hadn't heard of North Sea island attack, I wouldn't have suspected anything was going on during my ride home on the Metro. Hell, police are usually at Silver Spring because of some some fight, anyway. Notably absent on the Red Line today: gang members. I actually got to sit down until I transferred at a completely normal-looking Metro Center.

Then, while at Target (a sort of "all-in-one" K-mart alternative around here), takayla and were trying to buy a new cordless phone for her office, suddenly I apparently went blind and slightly deaf for 10 seconds. Since this was followed by a deep "kathuuum" noise, and then a few quiet gasps of surprise, I surmised it was not me who had gone blind, but the entire power to the store had gone off. But I didn't surmise quick enough as my voice floated above the sudden silence with a phrase that earned me the "Mr. Obvious Award" for the week, "Hey... I can't see ANYTHING!" [insert Monty Python stock film of Women's Club applauding] Now, keep in mind, my night vision is really poor, and so I thought that what I perceived as total darkness was probably dim lighting from the emergency lights, but Christine grabbed onto me in the inky blackness and assured me that NOBODY could see anything. A few soft peeps of people going, "Whuuu?" punctuated the inky veil what was our sudden isolation tank near the electronics isle. The store was huddled in a hushed quiet as the AC system died with a soft whirring down like the huge fan in the Mutant section of Mars Base in the movie "Total Recall."

Ten seconds later, just as I started to think, "Now... how do we find the door?" the emergency lights kicked in. And oddly enough, all of us resumed shopping. The staff were wandering about with walkie-talkies, trying to sort it all out, but enough dim lighting existed so Christine and I could finish our shopping, commence to checkout (yes, all even-numbered isles had working registers), and get back to our car. The whole shopping center from BJ's to Champion Billiards was dead black. Wal-Mart down the strip actually forced everyone out of the store (apparently they had NO emergency lighting), where the customers and staff milled about like confused cattle.

Power didn't go out at home though. A huge storm was supposed to pass by here, remnants of Tropical Depression Cindy (a nickname of a Hawaiian Goth band if I ever heard one), but so far, all we have had is a lot of clouds and occasional light rain.
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