punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Morning Fatigues

It will probably surprise no one that the Metro was uncrowded this morning. I would say at least 30% less crowded than a normal Friday at 7am.

Which reminds me, you know what's really messed up around here? The traffic. Yeah, I know traffic is bad everywhere, but we're like in the top 3 worst traffic areas in the United States (along with Boston and LA), and it shows. I thought "normal people" worked like 9-5, but either they have different hours here, or, as I suspect, people can't afford to live near town, so they move into the boondocks and clog up I66 at 6-fucking-am in the morning! There should not BE bumper-to-bumper traffic at 6am in the damn morning. But there is. At 7am, I am usually pressed against other people on their way to work on the Metro. People are tired on the Metro at 7am... yawning, putting on makeup, dozing off. For a while, I wondered why so many women were wearing flip-flops with their business suits, and I think I know the answer. These poor women probably get up, toss on their suit, shuffle into some flip flops, and go out the door. I bet they are on the Metro not 20-30 minutes after they woke up. They probably get to work, put on dress shoes and hose, fix their hair, get some coffee, and then start their day.

When I was a teen, my day was similar. I woke up, tossed on clothes, walked to school on auto-pilot, and woke up somewhere around second period. I'd wake up at 7:00, get to school at 7:20 or so. But it's easier for a guy to dress in the morning.

Today, I didn't see any police or security people on the Metrorail, but I did see a guy going to work in a test pilot suit. Well, not the pressure suit with the hoses and helmet, but an olive drab one-piece jumper that had Velcro patches, one of which said "Helmut Rema" (I suppose his real name) and another said "USAF Test Pilot." He was also wearing shin-length laced up boots, the kind I wished I had back in my Doc Marten days, and carrying a briefcase, which contained papers and a crisp blue Air Force hat (whatever you call those things; they fold into a flat rectangle, but when open, look like a little pup tent on your head... I often see them with dress uniforms). Who goes to work on the Metro in a test pilot suit? What, where his dress blues in the wash? I see people going to work in green camouflage fatigues, too.
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