punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Totally Random Thoughts

I am goofing off today.

Widget's hair is growing back in patches. Some of you may know that he had a genetic condition where he lost most of his fur off his butt and thinned greatly
on his sides. Well, we have been using stinky sulfur shampoo, and it seems to be working. Sort of. He's now sprouting patches of long, white fluffy fur on his haunches, making his butt look like a 18th century sea captain's muttonchop beard.

The ankle on my "bad foot" really hurts. Ow.

I don't like Jessica Simpson's cover of "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'." The video is okay, I guess, but as takayla said, "She looks so dirty, not like naughty dirty, but like..." Oily dirty. I saw the video and my first thought was she had been working on cars all night, didn't shower, and slapped on some eyeliner. A lot of singers have been doing this lately. I keep thinking if they were in the same room with me, they'd smell like a combination of motor oil and pancake cover-up. Like some dumbass media designer suddenly decided the "over-oiled bronze" look was in.

My catnip not only came back, but has flowered teeny purple flowers. I don't know what kind of flowers catnip has, but ants are all over them like they are honey. I dried my first strand, and oh my god... I nearly passed out from the heavenly smell.

I wonder how all those straight A students did from my high school? You know, the ones where their parents wouldn't accept less than 100%, killed their kid's chance of a social life, made them learn at least 3 musical instruments and 2 sports, forced them to participate in spelling bees, wouldn't let them date, and so on? Did those kids become productive members of society?

I wonder if all those people who now only drink bottled water are having severe tooth decay? Because they put fluoride in our drinking water, you know, to prevent that sort of thing.

I have been tragedy-free now for quite a while. Not since February. Go me!

I really miss Artoo, though. He let me hug and squeeze him and stuff. Cosmo is CR's cat, Storm just yowls and won't stay with anyone for longer than 20 seconds, and Thisby... well, she's Thisby. It's still slow-going trying to get her to be social.

Cheryl (Evry) used to say to me, "I never go to merchant's rooms anymore. Everything I want, I now have, or is waaaay out of my price range, and I can't find anything I want because they sell the same stuff, year after year, pretty much." I am now finding that out about Best Buy.

I got my first full paycheck at my new place on Tuesday and I missed AOL even less. In fact, I am hard pressed to remember why I stayed, other than the cool people I worked with.

I am beginning to notice people often drag some of the most inane, far-fetched examples into arguments lately. First, I thought it was just the tech industry. But now I see things like:

Dude1: I think we should put an age limit on sushi restaurants so I don't have top put up with some parent's rude brats.
Dude2: Why, do you hate kids?
Dude1: No, but I don't want to deal with some stupid ass parent, yakking on the cell phone while her crotch droppings throw rice everywhere.
Dude2: You sound like a Nazi!
Dude1: Is it a Nazi to want to be safe? What if some 17-year old baggy-pantsed gang member comes in to a sushi restaurant and starts shooting everyone? Am I a Nazi just to let him kill innocents?
Dude2: What if it's a sushi restaurant in the middle of a huge desert, and some mother with her kids haven't had anything to drink for 3 days, and they just want to come in and pay for a glass of water, and you say no, and the kids die from dehydration, and one of them would have grown up to cure cancer?
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