punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

My Todo and Done List

Here is a list of things I did:
- Started cleaning my den, finally. Generated many bags of trash.
- Finally stripped all useful hardware from several remaining old computers, tossed the cases, and made a lot of room in the guest room. Total haul: a lot of useless modems, NICs, 6gb hard drives, and some floppy drives. Meh.
- Updated my Fedora Core 3 box with YUM.
- Updated my Gentoo box with emerge sync and emerge world.
- Did some standard mainetenance on my Windows box.
- Installed, played with, and said "Oooh, aaah" noises with xdesktopwaves.
- Ate candy and leftover Chinese food.
- Browsed the web. Caught up on a lot of mail, purchases I needed to make.

Things I should have done, but didn't:
- Done more work on the bathroom. It's still half-demolished. No excuses.
- Mowed the lawn. Chance was in Pennsylvania, and it was too hot anyway.
- Done laundry. Maybe later.
- Done dishes. There's always tomorrow.
- Cleaned up our bedroom closet, now that there's light. Yeah, yeah.
- Gone to Home Depot to get some fix-it stuff. I don't wanna! That place smells...
- Cleaned the laundry room. It smells worse than Home Depot!
- Cleaned up that desk area in our bedroom, because why... okay OKAY!
- Cleaned up the shed-- ENOUGH ALREADY!

I want to add Christine doesn't nag me for any of these because she's wonderful and even though she should, I am glad she doesn't.
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