punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Log in, log on, drop out.

I got a few things done today. I got up at 8am, ready to do some housework. I did a few loads of dishes, laid down for a rest, and fell asleep until 1pm. :(

I was woken up by my pager. That was fine with me, I was having a really bad dream anyway. Apparently some server that issues the certs we use was giving expired certificates, and this produced an error that paged me every 2 minutes until the guy at the NOC turned it off. It took an hour or so to find out what was wrong, and then to find someone who could fix it. Luckily, one of the managers said, "Oh... I know what happened. It's no big deal. We'll fix it Monday." I am not upset by this, because it seems the only way I find out about anything around here is if it breaks.

Heh. Just like my previous company.

Then I got paged that one of our mail servers went down. Then it went up. This mail server has had some suspected memory problems, but I had to fill out a report anyway. Then one of our mail gateways went down. Then it went up. I didn't have access to it because we don't have a centralized access system like Kerberos or LDAP, so you have to know all the passwords on all the individual machines, which are not recorded in any central place. On top of that, all machines exposed to the Internet have remote root logon disabled anyway, so if you don't have an account on there, you can't log in to log on as root, anyway. After not finding anyone who had a login and knew the root password, I gave up. It's up and running, right? Sadly, we will never know what went wrong because a previous admin channeled all data through the system log (including every single damn mail stat), and set the max size of the log to 100k, so after 6-8 hours, you have lost any useful record of what happened.

Log in, log on, drop out.

Then a migraine kicked in (2:34pm), and even though it was less than previous days, it made me depressed, so I ate some chocolate, but then I got ill, so I went downstairs to play with the kittens, and then fell asleep reading the end of the 5th Harry Potter book. Sleep is really the only positive cure for my migraines, so now I am fine, but I have to somehow get to sleep tonight.

Since I was upset anyway, I decided to do the finances, and I realized I hadn't balanced my credit card statements in a few months, so I did that. I have a spreadsheet of everything we spend on credit cards, which makes budget tracking easier, but always makes me angry when I see how much we are spending on eating out. So now I am all upset and being over dramatic. Luckily, I can be over dramatic in the privacy of my own den and not bother anyone. But that's got me all riled up because it's all my fault, and now I am filled with self-loathing.

Maybe I'll do a lot of work that involves me going up and down stairs, and then take a hot shower, 4 Tylenol, and hope that puts me to sleep by 1:00 am.
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