punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Screw you, G4!

Many fans of cable (both of us) remember the debacle when Cox (rhymes with... hey, that's too easy!) bought out a perfectly good channel, TechTV, which used to be ZDTV, and drove it into the ground by firing or laying off anyone decent, so they could tout their own tech channel, G4. G4, which was a channel dedicated to WAREZ junk0rz and game monkeys, looked like it was written by your high school guidance counselor, desperately trying to be "hip" and "rad." It was "merged" into G4TechTV for a while, but after they sacked everyone, it morphed back into its predatory state, G4. They kept some of the titles of TechTV, but the shows were mere shadows of what they once were, with corporate payola glitz and pop added in by frat boys and sorority girls who just came out of college with a marketing degree.

So, a site called "SomethingAwful.com," well-known for its alternate views on the web, was asked to come on G4 and do an interview with their "alternate" venue, "Attack of the Show." One of the owners of the site, Lowtax, dared the other, David Thorpe, to completely make something up. "I think you should concentrate on making SA seem like the worst site in the world," he said. "Seriously, make sure everything you say is 100% wrong. Don't answer any questions legitimately. I want people who never heard of SA before the interview to think it's a horrible site and never want to visit." He added, as a final threat, "If I look at the SA stats and notice traffic has spiked after your interview, I'm going to know you did a terrible job."

The interview is deadpan funny. The demographic stereotype G4 picked to interview him looked like the hosts of TRL watching a sodomy spontaneously happen in the studio audience. "Doctor" David Thorpe totally verbally moons G4. He makes up the weirdest stuff, completely trashes his own site, and not in a funny "Mad Magazine usual gang of idiots" way, either.


And I am clapping. Video link in thread.
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