punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Half Blood and spurting blood

The book arrived silently between 1 and 2pm. It had been left in our driveway. Thanks, UPS... Jesus...

I am about a third of the way through the book, and my head hurts, so I have stopped until later tonight. Then I go on the computer to catch up on some mail, and my eyes go to an e-mail list without a spoiler warning. "HP and the Halfblood Prince: [Somebody] killed [so-and-so]???" goes the subject title.

Luckily, my take on knowing surprise elements of stories is not a major turning point in my life, but I did understand the 48 posts to follow that were more than just "Oh, is that so...? Hmmmm..." The backlash this person received was a little more harsh that necessary, however, and having that subject line repeated several dozen times in my mailbox pretty much sealed the ruined surprise for everyone on that list.

In other news, I gave blood today. No, sadly, not to the Red Cross, but to my "Yellow bathroom." After months of doing nothing, I started cleaning up the debris some more, and gashed open the top of my finger with the edge of some aluminum plating that cut in so deep as such a sharp angle that it pulled up my fingernail from the back forwards. Blood literally jetted out and splattered across the debris like out of a mini super-soaker. Luckily, I had taken first aid classes years ago and applied a lot of pressure to the wound to keep it shut, and what started off as spurting blood is now just a deep gash under my bruised nail. I heal pretty fast, but typing hunt'n'peck is a little sore.

What was an aluminum panel doing there? The hodge-podge building materials under the bathtub tile have been... interesting... to say the least. So far, I have found under the tile: drywall, greenboard, plywood, paneling, wadded up newspaper, and sheets of aluminum. It's apparent repairs were done haphazardly over the years, with "materials at hand," as evidenced by today's discovery near where the tub meets the wall: a huge, grapefruit-sized wad of yellowing caulk. I can only imagine someone wondering why something was still leaking after a whole can of the stuff had been applied. "I keep giving it caulk, Donna, and it still leaks!" Caulk-sucker... Heh.
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