punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Stuff you can't find on the Internet...

... like bathroom design ideas for an average-sized bathroom. I have been searching for several days, and run into the following problems:

1. Most sites are just redirections to other sites, usually their own search engines which replicate sites I have already seen.
2. The few sites I have seen are 90% ads. The Better Homes and Gardens site is so full of ads, it's almost as worthless as bridal magazines. I went to their site on bathroom decor, and 80% of my screen space were ads, plus Flash-popups/popunders (which currently go around popup blockers), and who know how many normal popups Mozilla was already blocking. I have seen pr0n and warez sites with less ads.
3. The little content I am getting are completely unrealistic. They assume I have huge vaulted ceilings, lots of window space, and the floor space of your average garage to put everything in. I can't imagine how much some of what I have seen costs, but I couldn't fit it into a 9 x 6 room anyway.
4. Anything I have seen for small rooms is just as dull as closet organizers. Why can't a small bathroom be fun? In fact, half of their large bathrooms are generic, sweeping lines that are so overplayed. Look, more white tile and chrome. Gaaah, have these people ever had to CLEAN a bathroom made of white tile and chrome? I personally think a majority of designers never actually live with their designs or have maids and stuff to handle everything.

I was thinking two themes, but I am not totally thrilled with either of them. One was "Natural Historian," like a museum with browns, yellows, and pea greens with accents like fossils and "museum curios" as accents... but I am not a fan of the colors. Then I thought of having a tropic theme, like Cancun, with bright and festive colors, accents with parrots and fish, but... meh. I don't want it took bold, really, because we probably will sell the house in a few years, but I don't want it too boring, because I'll live in in for the next few years.
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