punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Nude nude nude!

The other day, I was talking with some people about the GTA: San Andreas nudity/sex hack, and two concepts I have heard time and time again were repeated like parrots at Bob Jones University:

- I don't want my kids to see naked people or sex
- Violent computer games desensitizes attitudes towards violence

One of the reasons I am *GLAD* to be dyslexic is one concept my dyslexia teacher, Mrs. Reed, taught me oh so long ago at Lewinsville Elementary: "Dyslexics have a natural talent for creativity because they will often join two things together a normal person would never think of."

I say, we desensitize people to sex and nudity. At least in the US of A, because damn, I am getting sick of puritanical people flipping out about nudes. People are naked. All the time. Sure, they are wearing clothing, but they are naked under there. Totally naked under their underwear, showing their shirts and bras raw uncut nipples. Being naked is not a sin, it's how you were born. All of us have skin, moles, warts, floppy bits, and not one of us looks like those models on billboards, I assure you, unless you have your own airbrush artist and lighting technicians following you around and touching you up as you stroll down the avenue.

I say we plaster naked people on billboards. In their full glory. Art nudes, real nudes, cartoons of nudes. We should have "nude-outs," where thousands of people show up nude to public beaches. Again and again. People should wander around nude in front of open windows. While watering the lawn. Anything where clothing doesn't add a layer of safety (like working with machinery, where floppy bits might get caught in things or splattered with hot grease). Nude nude nude. Until finally, people don't care anymore.

Why are people so hung up about nudes? Why would ratings for sex and nudity be higher than violence? What is wrong with the media?
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